Why Do So Many Websites Look the Same?

Today’s internet is bland. Everything looks the same: generic fonts, no layouts to speak of, interchangeable pages, and an absence of expressive visual language.

– Boris Muller, Medium Daily Digest

There’s a growing ‘sea of sameness’ out there, and the sea levels seem to be rising.

– Tom Roach, The Stupidity of Sameness and the Value of Difference

Unique Website Design Captures Attention

To illustrate uniqueness, below are a few of our projects where we have kept originality within the sites target market as a design feature. They are working for a broad spectrum of companies, from an artist in Tampa Bay, a children’s theater in New York State, to an architect in San Francisco. Some are old (very old, pre – “mobile first”), some are recent.

Click on any image below to to see the site home page live in a new browser window. A larger list of projects may be found in our Portfolio.


Paralax Scrolling

This section illustrates how a page using a “paralax scrolling” effect makes the background image move at a different rate from the foreground (the text you are reading here), giving the impression that there is distance between the 2 layers. This is how the forground image and the background image move in an animated cartoon, except an animated cartoon usually has several different layers.

The effect can be automatically turned off for the smaller screen size of mobile devices.

The image chosen for the background should appeal to the viewer, making them want to read the text. The background can be an image, a video, or even text (it’s hard to imagine a “text-on-text” scenario… ). The purpose of this feature is to grab the attention of the viewer, make them want to see what the foreground text says.

Custom artwork courtesy Big Whiskey Design Studio.


E-Commerce and SSL

In today’s economy, many of the customers that want your product will want it now. You will miss sales if you don’t provide a way of buying it now. Our e-commerce solutions include the on-line presentation of your goods or services, the automatic handling of the sale, immediate and trusted payment mechanism, delivery arrangements, and the maintenance of your system. We build your e-commerce system so you can maintain it yourself and keep your marketing presence up to date and engaging.

We can provide powerful full featured systems using components such as industry standard WooCommerce, as well as simple, yet very useful systems such as Simple Cart that uses PayPal as a payment mechanism.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – A must have for E-Commerce

We can set you up with a SSL Certificate. Your URL will change from “http://your-site.com” to “https://your-site.com”.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are industry standard cryptographic protocols designed to provide transaction security over the internet. All websites that have any e-commerce components are expected to have a SSL Certificate installed on their website hosting web server. Soon all sites, even those without e-commerce content, will want to have SSL installed or a notice is inserted by the search engines stating that the site may not be secure…. Besides it looks cool to have the “https” show up in your url …